Search Engine Optimization

We believe SEO is the most powerful source of marketing?  Why?  Because buyers are literally searching for your service.  Our goal is to connect these Hyper Active Buyers with Your Business.

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Our Secondary Skill Set

Let us share a little about what our secondary skill set is.  It's: SEO!  We focus on one thing and we are darn good at it.  We met others too who say they can do SEO and all sorts of other digital marketing.  What they couldn't prove to us was their ranking.  We focus one thing so we can master our craft.  SEO is like jumping over a cliff - if you have to cross a 10 ft cliff, you better work with someone who can help you jump 12 ft.

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Our Other Service

SEO Domination.  You might ask, hey isn't that still just SEO?  Yes, you are right.  But, imagine this!  Not only you are showing up extremely high on Google, but your business has multiple positions on it.  We've met very very few SEO companies that can actually pull it off, and we can confidently say that we are one of them.  It's the filet mignon of SEO, it's the Dom Perignon of SEO, it's what other SEOs tell you what's possible and they show an example of what we accomplished.  Sometimes what they is almost cute to us.

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Our Result Can Be Your Result

When you are targeting to be #1 for your service in Hawaii, does it make sense to work an agency that can't even win in their own field?

Let's take your business to the top.

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Selecting the right SEO company is a very important decision for your business. So much is at steak here. We hope these tips will help you decide the right SEO service for you.

1. Customized Plan
Not all businesses fit in a same SEO plan. There is no one trick pony in SEO. Akamai Digital understands that each business has a unique need.

2. Ranking Proof
Can the SEO company give you a proof of a ranking? At least get one proof that is not some obscure keyword. "Blue elephant in a sink hole" is not a keyword that will qualify them. Let them share at least one competitive keyword.

3. Keyword Optimization
Onsite - contents on your website - keywords optimization is a very important process. You just might be missing on extra revenue because you are missing a few words. We will go through analysis of the pages content to capture more traffic coming to your site.

4. Quality Work
You might think this is a given, but many SEO companies use software to machine gnerate the work. The end result is often a penalty from Google. It is very hard work for a search engine optimization strategy to be developed for each client. You shouldn't look for a cheap solution, often that may even damage your online presence (we had to fix it a few times for our clients who went the cheap route). Search engine optimization is Marketing. You should expect a reasonable marketing cost and a company that will stand behind their work.

5. SEO is an investment in to an asset
This is one key quality difference with SEO. Most other marketing has to be redone. It's a cost of doing business. It's a cost to acquire a new customer or bring an old customer back to you. SEO, on the other hand, is like building a building. We are working on building a virtual building for your business that towers over others. Once it's built, it'll keep producing leads for you, because next month we don't have to start over from scratch like the other medium. Rather we can keep building on top of where we left off last month.

6. Solid Foundation
We have example of keywords that did not lose any ranking from being on the top position for years. Our linking strategy is to build a solid foundation, not a quick fix. Some prospective client became irritated with us when we told them it'll take a year to complete the project. You chose, we spend a year to build it to make it last multiple years to come. Some might deliver the result in 3~4 months, but use strategies that will crumble just as fast. SEO company should understand the importance of proper linking strategies.

7. A Promise
Would you walk in to a car repair shop, get a quote on a promise that it might not work? Chose an SEO company that can make a promise and follows through with it.
Until you are on page 1 of Google, you are leaving money on the table and your competitor is grabing them. If you are good with where you are at then you don't need to look for an SEO expert. If you want to increase your visibility, the SEO consultant could bridge that gap for you.

We offer free website analysis and consultation for qualified prospects. We will provide an honest assessment if our service could help your business. We do turn down businesses when our assessment shows that the business will not benefit from our service. Many business will greatly benefit from SEO and we are the solution for it.

Next Step

Stop Losing Customers to Your Competition.  The buyers are already looking for your service, but if you are not visible on Google, your competition is capturing that share.  Let's get them in your door.